Motor Wiring Question

Hello, I just purchased a replacement motor for my spa. Original motor was a 1.5hp/1.1sf Centurion motor by AO Smith. There were 5 wires coming into the motor terminal board. L1 was red. L2 was black. White wire was hooked to B. Brown wire was hooked to A. Green wire was hooked to Green terminal. All this was per the motor label for 230v operation.

My new motor(B854) terminal board has only 3 visible connections(L1, L2 and Green) and a switch set at 230V. What do I do with the remaining white and brown wires coming from my power source?



JonLop - A normal 230v single speed motor should only have three cables running into the back of the motor. This includes two hot lines and a ground. The colors are usually red, black and green.

Were the white and brown wires internal motor wires or did they come from an outside source (breaker, timer, control?

InyoRob, thanks for the quick response. It was my bad. When I actually started to disconnect wires,  I discovered that the white and brown wires were internal motor connections, set up for 230V operation. Once I connected the 3 wires coming from the source, the new motor worked fine. My new problem is a small leak. The housing 0-ring which came with the Go-Pak 5 is round, but the one in the housing was square. The replacement part listing shows a square o-ring with pn 355329 for Pentair pump 346206. I wouldn’t suspect the shaft seals since I replaced them with the tuneup kit parts.



If the water is leaking near the clamp, the housing gasket is probably the issue. Part number 355329 is the correct square shaped o-ring.