motor replacement and seal kit

recently my father in law passed away before he was able to replace his pool motor. im tring to get it up and running and having never done this before im tring to figure it out. He had a k48l2pa105 motor, the impeler i need to replace is a c105-238b, and the seal plate was a c103-194p. i was wanting to know what the correct motor,impeler and goseal kit i would need to replace it is.

Hello Lebowskii - Your impeller and seal plate are used on a couple pumps. In order to recommend the correct kit, we’ll need to know the specific model. Do you have a Max-E-Pro or Dura-Glas II/Max-E-Glas II? Is there a P6 or P4 number on the pump housing?

hello rob, the motor is a max-e-glas 2, and the only number i could find on the pump housing was c76-59p. i couldnt find a p6 or p4 number.

Below are the replacement parts you’ll need to rebuild your Max-E-Glas II.

Motor - Part Number UQC1152

Impeller - Part Number 5055-11A

Seal Plate - Part Number 5055-30

Seal Kit - Part Number GOKIT38