Mineral Springs MS 10 Salt Generator-PCB warning

My wife and I bought our house with the pool last year and recently started getting a -pcb- warning across the display. If I turn off and turn back on the system, it’s good for 4-6 hours and then the warning returns and all red lights come on. Does anyone know of the best way to resolve this. I truly have no idea about the system but do know the chemicals have been maintained pretty much perfect all year and the cell was cleaned earlier this year.

any help would be wonderful!

Your Mineral Springs unit has detected a possible PCB (Printed Circuit Board) issue.  As you noticed, this can be accompanied by some/all of the LEDs lighting up as well.

The Mineral Springs MS 10 is basically a Hayward AquaRite with a Mineral Springs label stuck on it.  You may indeed need a new Replacement Main PCB Printed Circuit Board but I would recommend going through the AquaRite Diagnostics Manual to be 100% sure since the new boards are fairly expensive.

If you are handy, check the inrush current limiter (a nickel-sized black or blue disc with 2 wires sticking out of the bottom of it) at the top right-hand corner of the PCB.  These were powered up all of the time on older units and can burn out (look for slightly burned spots on the PC Board, cracks on the limiter, or loose solder on the board - these get hot when they are on).  If the disc is bad, head to DigiKey.com and look for a 570-1062-ND or a SL32-R025.  They are pretty inexpensive and not terribly difficult to replace.  That might do the trick and get your Mineral Springs unit up and operating for less than $5 or $10.