Low suction Sta-Rite Dur*Glas pump

I have a Sta-Rite P2RA5F-125L pump (pre 1998) with low suction. The pump is removed from the pool piping and I tested for suction with pool hoses. I removed the trap - gasket fell apart upon separating the trap from the pump. Removed the clamp and pump volute - O-rings pretty hard and not flexible. Removed Impeller and diffuser. I removed the 4 bolts holding the motor to the Seal Plate however the shaft seal is not easily removed from the motor shaft. I have the copper insert. I’ve ordered the Go kit for this pump.

What’s the risk of not replacing the shaft seal? No leaking was observed around the motor shaft.



I would definitely replace your shaft seal as it is great preventative maintenance. I spoke with one of our manufacturer reps. who replaces his shaft seal every season and has over 25 years on his pump, that might be a little extreme but does show the benefit of replacing your shaft seal. I would suggest this Sta-Rite Dura Glas Pre 1998 Seal Kit

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Hi Patrick,

Okay I ordered and received the GO Kit for this pump. Removed the shaft seal which was firmly attached to the motor shaft. Figured out how to remove the seal, cleaned up the shaft with fine emery cloth, cleaned all the parts with alcohol, and carefully installed the new shaft seal (both the seal head and the mating ring). Followed the instructions from Inyo Pools (How to replace a shaft seal), U.S.Seal Mfg. (they have a good video), and my original Dura*Glas user manual. Used Magic Lube on all the O-rings and gasket. Also converted the pump to run on 115 Volts, easier for my application which is a portable pump to haul around. Filled with water and it runs like new. Plenty of suction now and no leaks. Thanks for the help Patrick.

Awesome that is great news! Thanks so much for sharing that your pool pump is up and running well, we usually never hear back on the successes =) Have a great summer and if you ever need any help with your pool please let us know.