Losing suction before the pool pump


I have a Jandy VS pool pump that suddenly not filling up water after it is done priming. The water level is not low and the skimmer flap door is working as expected. I have the valve open to the skimmer and the main drain. I could see the water coming into the pool pump basket but it seems to lose suction. I replace the pool pump entire gasket lid with a brand new one but that didnt work. I lube the valve intake o’ring with Danco Silicone grease (95% Silicone and safe for nitrite/rubber o-rings) but that didnt help. I turn off the pump and use a hanger to see if the pool pump impeller had something clog but it didnt. Right now as a work around I close the main drain and the pool pump basket seem to hold the water. I am at a lost right now on what could cause the issue for the pool pump not to maintain the water after priming. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Johnny, we are sorry to hear about that.  Double (maybe triple) check any fitting you recently worked on (strainer gasket, filter, unions, etc) to be sure the fittings are sealed.  You can use the old shaving cream trick to try to find the suction leak or check our guide on How To Determine Why a Pool Pump Won’t Prime for more helpful tips.