Looking to replace pool pump motor

Recently, my motor started to produce a loud noise that’s been getting worse with every day that passes. The noise comes from the rear of the motor and it also gets hot mainly on the rear of the motor assembly where the noise seems to be coming for.

Looking around on this site and others it seems that I might need to replace it. So I assumed this is a good time to upgrade to a dual-speed motor if possible. So my question is about finding the correct match motor for my pump, preferably a dual-speed one, and the correct replacement seals for the pump since I’m replacing the motor.

This are photos of my current setup

We’d be glad to assist you. The replacement 2-speed motor would be part number SQS1102R. The SQS1102R motor will only run on 230v. Click Here to View More Details on the SQS1102R 2-Speed Motor

The motor does not come with a switch to change the speeds. If you need a switch, the part number is 1011431-001. We are currently out of stock and the lead time could be 2-4 weeks.

The seal kit for the Pentair SuperFlo is part number GOKIT78.

I was looking at the V-Green 1.65 HP Square Flange 48Y Variable Speed Motor - ECM16SQU and it seems to have all same characteristics that the SQS1102R has, and given that the price of the SQS1102R including the switch is actually greater than the ECM16SQU I was wondering if it is a better option.

Will the ECM16SQU also fit my application? And, is there any practical difference between having 1.0 HP and 1.65 SF and having 1.65 HP and 1.0 SF?

Yes, the ECM16SQU will fit your application. It would be an easy installation since a single speed and variable speed are wired the same way.

There is no difference between a motor that is 1Hp with a 1.65SF and a 1.65HP with a 1.0 SF. They both have a total HP rating of 1.65.