Lighting options for stone pillar waterfall feature

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has added lighting to their waterfall features. Searching the internet has yieled a lot of information but still not sure of whether it would be better to go with a waterfall with builtin LED lights, not my preferenace or to add a light behind the waterfall. The waterfall stone pillar will be about 18 inches high and 2 feet wide with stone veneer. The waterfall cascade is 12" in width.

I am leaning toward low voltage light but I am reading mixed information on what is acceptable near a pool.

The builder is not too much of a help since their scope is to install the pool and pool equipment. They’ll rough in the water line to where I’d like the water feature, but the masonary etc would be handled by a subcontractor.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Example type of waterfall feature where I'd like to add light

Hi! If you are wanting to light the actual water coming out of the waterfall then a lighted waterfall would be the way to go if this is new construction. If this is a retro-fit then a waterfall light bar would be used. If you are just wanting to light the area above the water around the waterfall then you could go with some gooseneck landscape lights. If you could let us know if you are wanting to light the water coming out of the waterfall or just around the waterfall then that would help us suggest the appropriate products.