Lens Gasket

I am looking for a lens gasket for my pool light. Gasket dimension is 3.645" x .25" approxomately. Can you tell where I can buy one. I believe the light is a Hayward brand.

Vinny - It looks like you are describing the Hayward Astrolite II Lens Gasket. The part number is SPX0590G. This item is in stock and ready to ship.

Thinkness of the gasket suggested is 1/2"  and I am looking for one with 1/4" (.25"). Will be glad to email you some picture of the gasket as well the Spa Light Unit.

You can post pictures directly to the forum. Is there a label on the backside of the light?

Lens gasket for my SPA. Light is at least 20 years old. It is either PENTAIr or Hayward. L:abel has disintegratyed and not there in any form.

Vinny - The only lens gasket that we could find that measured under 1/2" thick was part number 57-110-1327. This is for a Pac-Fab Hatteras spa light. The thickness is 3/8", the OD is 3-7/8" and the ID is 3-3/8".