Leaking Pool Motor: Seal Replacement and Noise Concerns


Last year I purchased

A.O. Smith 1.5 HP, 56Y Frame, Up-Rate Motor (b2854

and has worked fine however my unit started leaking during operation yesterday, I’d like to order the correct seals to correct this and links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Also I noticed the motor was louder than usual and have shut off power to the motor, is this normal in this situation or should I be concerned about replacing the motor already? What signs should I look for?

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Hello Rich - We’d be glad to assist you. The B2854 motor is used on several pumps. What is the make and model of the pump?

The noise coming from the motor may be bearings that have water damage. Replacing the seals now will help further damage but it won’t make the motor quieter.

Information from the pump:

Hayward model sp3210x15

1.50 hp; 1.10sf

1.65 thp

You have a Hayward TriStar pump. You can find all of the parts on our Hayward TriStar schematic page. We would recommend replacing the shaft seal, housing o-ring and diffuser o-ring.

I ordered and replaced shaft seal and both o-rings. Followed manufacturer directions on replacement. The pump has worked like a champ until today it started leaking again.

Is there anything else to look at or do I just need to contact customer support to aquire replacement seals since these  were defective?

Is it leaking between the motor and seal plate or between the seal plate and pump housing?

hard to say this time though when i turned it back on to observe the leak it ran for about 2 min without pulling water back into the pump.

when i turned it off when the leak started again the water in the line recessed all the way out. as if i had opened up the unit to clean the filter and basket, but it ws still sealed

I’m thinking it may have been motor and seal plate side

If it’s leaking between the seal plate and motor, it must be the shaft seal or a cracked seal plate. If you feel it is a defective seal, contact our customer support at 407-834-2200.

the leak is coming from here, does that help clarify at all?

That would be the shaft seal. The shaft seal is either defective or installed incorrectly. The picture below is the Tri-Star shaft seal. The parts facing up should be touching each other. If any of the pieces are backward, the pump could leak


I have this same pump and it is leaking as well. We even had a pool company come out and they couldn’t seem to fix it. I looked at the schematic page above but it doesnt show a part number for the area where ours is leaking. See the attached pic. Could you tell me where to get these parts please? Or the numbers at least. Thanks

The part that you circled is the Tri-Star Union Kit. The part number is SPX3200UNKIT.

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great thanks, ordering now

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