Jandy Watercolors LED (120V) Pool Light Problem

Bought a house with a 10-year-old pool.  Pool has a Jandy Watercolors LED (120V) pool light in it and a smaller similar light in the spa. The larger pool light turns on, but starts to strobe after about 20 seconds.  The strobe is random (like bad enough to give a healthy person a freaking seizure).  I checked the settings to make sure the lights are not set on some crazy program, and I made sure they are set to stay on at a single color.  I am able to change the colors, but the strobe happens no matter what color selected.

Has anyone seen this before?  I am afraid the light engine PCB is bad and needs to be replaced, but wanted to see if anyone ever seen LED pool lights do this.  I am a long shot from an electrician, so wanted to see if a short in the wire or a bad fuse would be able to cause this issue before spending a small fortune on a new PCB.  I have two sets of manuals for these lights, so I assume the previous home owner has replaced the lights in the past.  What is the life expectancy of these LED lights?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Miekstaal,

I have the exact same lights in my pool and the same thing occurred. It is a bad PCB and in my case, it was less expensive to purchase the entire light fixture than to replace the pcb. I have seen the PCB’s go bad from lightning or surges. I would suggest replacing your pool and spa light with a PureLine PureColors LED Light as if the bulb ever goes bad it is replaceable for $150 for the pool bulb and $79 for the spa bulb.