Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filter

I have a Jacuzzi Laser sand filter, Model 190L, it is about 25 years old. I have developed a pin hole leak in the body itself, and attempting to seal it with flex seal, until I can get a new one. The local pool store stated they get around $540 for a new Hayward S210, which they say is what i need for my above ground 33 x 15 pool. I just bought a new pump last year, so only would need the filter. I was trying to find just the Jacuzzi filter body (Part # 9408-3664, but no luck.
Few questions
Any other solution on patching up the old body? Any other product to seal.?
Anybody know if or where I could buy just the Jacuzzi body?
I have a base that now holds my 19inch Jacuzzi filter and pump, will the Hayward S210 (20 1/2 inches) fit on my old base? or do i have to get another?
With the dimensions I gave, is the Hayward S210 the best option?
Should I try online for filter, have found some for $100 less.? but do not know the companies?
Thank you

Hi Barry, parts availability on some of the older filters are intentionally bad.  After 25 years of use, the bodies of the filters can get worn away from sand grinding against it, and no one wants to see a catastrophic failure of a filter body!

The Hayward S210 would be a good replacement for your old filter.  It is a little larger (not a bad thing) so it should run at a lower pressure and require cleaning less frequently.  I assume that the big-name pool companies do not manufacture these in-house and send them out to get manufactured, so I don’t personally shy away from an eerily-similar looking unit with a different brand name.

Your old base probably won’t fit any new filter.  Just chop off the part that the filter mounted to and set the new one on your equipment pad.  Be sure to fasten the pump side down to your equipment pad and the new filter as well.