Jaccuzi motor

I bought a Jaquzzi magnum force motor and pool pump unit last year? (I’m not exactly sure when) and the motor quit on me yesterday. It will try and come on but the sound it makes sounds like its bound up. I had an electrician look at it yesterday and after listening to it he just said the motor is bad.
My first question is what kind of warranty does it carry?

If it is out of warranty, what numbers do you need off the unit to order a new motor? As i said, i ordered the Jacuzzi Magnum force pump and motor unit from your company and cant remember exactly when I purchased it.1-1/2 hp motor

My name is William (Bill) Rabby, if you still might have a record of when i purchased it. What do you need from me to start the reordering process?


Hello Bill - You stated that you have a 1.5HP Jacuzzi Magnum. Your ordered Jacuzzi model 94027110. That is listed as a 1HP Jacuzzi Magnum pump. The Magnum pumps have a one year warranty. You bought your pump 1/8/2016. Unfortunately, your pump is 2 years old at this point.

Could you post a picture of your motor label? We just want to confirm the HP.

You are right InyoRob, my motor is a 1 hp.

I guess having my glasses on makes a difference. Now being that I have never swapped a motor out, what else will I need to make this happen? Does the motor just slip out of the pump and back in or do i need to replace seals, etc.? Does the motor need to be secured to the concrete to prevent vibrations, it was making a racket the first day i turned it on and just gradually got worse.

Can you direct me into what I need to order? The pump is a Magnum Force and I ordered them together.

The replacement motor would be part number UST1102. You’d also want to replace the seals. The seal kit is part number GOKIT14.

We have a video about installing a new motor. We don’t use a Magnum in the video but the steps are similar.