Is this a hayward super pump?


your site is very informative. Thank you.

1-can you please confirm this is a Hayward Super pump?

2-also, what is the variable speed upgrade?

3-what parts do I need to buy (orings etc) to make the swap?

I believe i need to get:

  • GOKIT3SALT  Saltwater Tune Up Kit Hayward Super Pump

- Century 1.0 HP Round Flange 56J Up Rate Motor - UST1102

QUESTION: It doesn’t  look like there is a variable speed that would fit in my 56J frame with a 1.1 SF - Correct?


  1. Yes, you have a Hayward Super Pump.

  2. The variable speed replacement motor is model ECM16CU. Click here to View the ECM16CU VS Motor

  3. The salt pool tune-up kit is part number GOKIT3SALT. Click Here to View the Salt Tune-Up Kit for the Super Pump