Impeller work

What is the best way, or how do I make sure my impeller is nopt being obstructed?  It seems as if my pressure is down, yet there are no water leaks or air leaks.  My pump basket is always just getting low throughout the day, even when there is a new scum sock on the basket and there is no obstruction in the hos efrom the skimmer.  I put a new cartridge in, but still the problem.

Good afternoon. You may need to inspect the impeller to make sure it is not clogged and you can also try and remove the filter cartridge, put the lid back on, and test to see if the pump stays filled up. If it does then that means that the cartridge may need to be replaced or given a good cleaning. If that is the issue you can use this filter cleaner part number P86099DE that you can view those details by clicking here.