Identify this Pool!

What model pool is this one, and do you have parts for it?

It looks like you have a Sharkline Escalade model. What is the size of the pool? What is the total number of top rails on the pool?

The pool is 18 feet round. I am not sure about the top rails. Trying to decide if I should get this one, and sell the parts for the Vogue. I want something that you guys carry pieces for. I also want to have it saltwater. I will ask the seller about rails.

We typically have all the parts for the Escalade model. We are currently out of some of the items because it is the end of the season. We’ll restock in February or March of 2021.

Here is a link to view parts for an 18’x54" Escalade with 13 steel top rails.

We also have parts for an 18’x54" with 12 resin top rails.

The total number of uprights and top rails will determine what you can use.