Identification and Ordering Replacement Parts for Above Ground Pool

I have a 18’ round above ground pool that I need replacement parts for. I do not know the brand or manufacturer as the paperwork has been misplaced, however, from images on your website I believe it may be Wilbar Sequoia.

I do have some part numbers which I looked up on your website and they look like the correct ones but before I order them I would like confirmation that I am correct. The parts and part numbers are:

  • Wilbar Sequoia Top Cap Support - #13615-Taupe, #12743-Gray/Oyster. Curve D is also stamped on it
  • Wilbar Sequoia Cap - #13614-Taupe, #13345-Oyster, and the only numbers I can make out for Gray is 12???
  • Top Rail - Unfortunately there are no part nos. visible to me

I have attached some images which I hope will be helpful in confirming if the pool is Wilbar Sequoia. Hopefully you can also tell me what color I should be ordering and the part number for the top railing.

Thank You,


Hello Tish - It does appear that you have the Sequoia model. Below are the part numbers for the caps and top rail.

Top Rail - Part Number 13606 (Out of Stock for the Remainder of 2018)

Top Cap - Part Number 13614 (In Stock)

Top Cap Support - Part Number 13615 (In Stock)

Hi Rob,

Will you be getting more Top Rails in the spring for the Sequoia?

Hopefully, we’ll have them in stock by February or March.

Great!  One more question…the part numbers you have identified are for Taupe, my pool is not brown.  I would have thought it would be Oyster/Gray, would you mind double checking please?

The manufacturer no longer offers the Oyster/Gray color. They have an Ivory top cap, part number 21594. However, they no longer offer the Ivory support.