How to fix loose band on a sta rite cartridge filter

I replaced my sta rite filter cartridges recently and when I opened the can discovered that the fabric band that encircles the outside of the large filter had come apart.  There is no apparent damage to the filter pleats but I would like to know what type of adhesive is or should be used to refasten each band.  Thank you in advance for any reply.

Hello John,

This is a tough one as . The reason being is that inside the filter, the cartridge is under a lot of pressure. The water is swirling and is being forced through the pleats of the cartridge. That said, most adhesives you can find at the hardware store are not designed to withstand these conditions. If you are going to make the attempt, I would recommend starting with a completely dry cartridge. Use the strongest adhesive recommended by the retail store that is water resistant.

When the bands on the cartridge break, it is recommended that the cartridge is replaced. This patch job may work, but note that it will most likely be temporary.

Good Luck,



Thanks for the advice,   I would replace it if it weren’t for the fact that the cartridge is only 4 mos. old.  I am going to try a loctite water resistant fabric cement to reattach the unravelled bands.  I will let you know next summer if this stuff works.

Hello John- Sounds great. Please let us know!! Have a great winter and see you next season!