hot tub pump motor replacement

My client has a BO22 motor with a M48Y frame. I’m checking to make sure I get the right parts to replace. I assume I need the universal impeller assembly as well. Thanks for your assistance- I’m eager to get this ordered

Hi Brennan,

This BN36 Replacement Motor is the correct replacement for the BO22 Motor. In regards to a replacement impeller, we would need to know the model of the pump. For us to suggest the proper impeller kit could you send a photo of a wide shot of your complete pool pump to show the pipes going in and out of the pump?

Hi Patrick,

I took photos but this blog is limited in file size. Please send me an email address. This forum takes way too long to get a reply. Thanks

Hi, Brennan you can email those to

Thanks for the photos you supplied, which I have posted below. Based on your photos your pump is a 3/4 HP Premier 225-72S the impeller for this pump has been discontinued without a replacement, however, you do not need to replace your impeller unless it is physically damaged. When replacing the motor you will need to replace the shaft seal and you will require this Shaft Seal for Premier 225 Pump Here is a link to the parts diagram to the Premier 225 Pump which you may find helpful. The motor you will require is this BN36 Replacement Motor I would also suggest replacing the Premier 225 Housing O-Ring (key #7 on the parts diagram).

Below are the 3 items I would suggest ordering…

Photos supplied…

Thanks for the assistance! The parts are due in today and I’ll swap out tomorrow. Looking forward to happy clients!

Thats great! We did put together this Video on How to Replace an Above Ground Pool Pump Motor although it is not exactly the same as your Premier Hot Tub Pump the process is quite similar, so I thought I would send it your way in case it helps. Please report back in to let us know how it goes, maybe some before and after photos =) Thanks and have a great weekend!

Well, as I had emailed over the weekend, the impeller was too old and brittle and broke apart. I need the universal impeller assembly so I can get this done so please direct me to the correct part


I’m sorry to hear that. Could you let us know the part # or link to the universal impeller assembly you are speaking of. Typically the impellers are very specific to each pump and there is not a Universal Impeller replacement.

This is listed in the parts diagram

Hi Brennan,

You are correct and this is the part you will need and the impeller is included with this item here

Great thank you so much, I don’t like to assume and even though it seemed like the only option I still prefer to have a pro confirm!

Thanks George! We have sent your order over to the warehouse and you should have it this upcoming week.

Update: we installed the parts and all went well. Our new situation is the in line heater is dead so its not working. Based upod our order, can you direct me to what we would need for a heater replacement? Thanks for all the help!

Hi George,

That’s great about the pump! Could you post a few photos of the heater? Especially any labels showing model #'s

Hi Patrick,

It seems the in line heater unit is dead, do you carry parts for this?



Hi George,

Could you please post a few photos of the heater?

Hi Patrick,

So sorry, I didnt see your response. Please see the attached pics.