High chlorine but still green

Hello Experts,

I opened the pool for summer it was fine for few weeks. But now it turned green as I was out for few days and it rained continuously. I SLAM my pool my chlorine levels are high but pool is green. I am slamming for 2-3 days continuously its just green not blue at all. I am attaching my current reading for your reference. Please advice

Hi Suresh, we think you are on the path to clearing your pool up quite nicely, but you would also need to know your Cyanuric Acid level (stabilizer) as well to get the correct level of chlorine to properly SLAM your pool.  Chlorine should be the only thing you need to add to your pool at this time.  For a pool with a CYA level of 30 you would need to bring your free chlorine level to at least 12 ppm to get to shock level.  We would recommend using good old plain (unscented, unthickened) liquid chlorine so you don’t add any other chemicals to the pool.

We would also recommend getting a good test kit like the Taylor K-2006 so you can get a good reading on your stabilizer level as well as to accurately monitor any overnight chlorine loss.

Be patient!  The process can easily take a number of days.  Keep at it and maintain your chlorine levels at the “shock” level and you will be swimming in clean, clear water in no time!

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Check Ph and adjust accordingly.

Issue is resolved… I pumped some water out and refilled… it’s clean now