Help replacing old Anthony Pools Model 20 Lamp with LED

Hi everyone:

I’ve recently purchased a home with a 40 year old Gunite pool.  Overlal the pool is in good shape.  But it has an older, Anthony Pools light that I’d like to be able to replace with LED.

Originally I just wanted to take out the old incandecent bulb and replace with an LED, except when I removed the lamp from the niche I noticed the gasket is pretty nasty and I’ve yet to find a replacement gasket.

What options do I have to replace this with a new LED lamp, that will fit into my existing niche?

Here is the detailed info on my current light:

It is an Anthony Pools Model 20 lamp. The writing on the ring says “Anthony Pools Model 20 wet niche type. Use with model no 21 or 19LA Fixture Housing. 120V 500W Max R40 Lamp”

I believe the lamp is about 9-9.5"" in diameter.   The junction box for the lamp is directly above the lamp on the pool deck under where the diving board used to be.


Is there a replacement for this?  I have the same model 20 that I would like to replace.

We haven’t had good luck with the LED bulbs fitting in the Anthony fixtures. You could replace the complete fixture. How many feet of cord would you need if you replaced the light?

Hi Rob.   My light is directly under where a diving board used to be.  The junction box is on the pool deck (or sticks up from the pool deck).  It used to be under the diving board but is now just sticking up out of the deck since the diving board is removed.

I think 25’ is needed.  I have to go from the niche to the junction box on the pool deck.  So maybe 6-8’.  But then have enough slack to get the lamp out.

What light do you recommend?  Is it 120V or do I need to switch to 24V?

Lastly, should I try to keep my current lamp, do you know what gasket fits the Anthony Model 20?  I can only find drawings for Model 30 online, although I found a thread where someone mentioned Gasket # 014118 shoudl work, although it seems to be for a model 30.