Help identifying pool so I can purchase parts

I need help identifying my pool so I can try to locate some replacement parts. Thanks in advance.

This appears to be a Sharkline Escalade model. What is the size of the pool? What is the height of the pool wall?

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It is 12 x 24 and the wall height is 52". Could you provide a link to the parts. I need the wall track, some base plates, and some top stabalizer tracks. Also there is a small rust hole in the wall. Is it safe to repair? Some sites say yes some say no.

Thank you very much for the help!!!

You can use the parts on the following page.

Yes, you can repair a small rust hole.

I only see the resin bottom rails. Do you have the metal ones? If not can I mix the resin with some of the metal that I have, I was trying to just get all new.