Haywood Pool - leaking around shaft

I have a Haywood Pump, Power- Flo LX Pump.  It is about 10 years old.  I started my filter today and noticed water leaking around the shaft of the pump after it was turned on.  There is about 10 lbs pressure on the dial.  Pump flow is good but water is leaking.

I suspect I need some shaft seals but cannot identify which ones I might need. When replacing seals, it is also good practice to examine and/or replace the bearings?  Can anyone help.  I have images of the pump showing model and SN, as well as pictures that show the leaks.

Is there a Youtube video you would recommend on replacing the seals and bearings?  I do not hear any high pitched sould, but since I will have to open the p[um p to repair the seal, sounds like a good time to replace the bearing.


Hi DaninNH,

I would suggest replacing your shaft seal, here is the Seal Shaft Seal for Hayward Power Flo LX Pump You should not need to regularly replace your bearings and I would not suggest replacing those. Here is a Video On How to Replace Your Pool Pump Shaft Seal which you may find helpful.