Hayward SwimPure Extreme Issues

I have a Hayward SwimPure Extreme purchased from Pinch-a-Penny in 2019.  Recently had either a lightening strike or power surge that took out several items in my house, including the salt system.  After replacing basically everything but the salt cell, the system now powers up and shows a display & LEDs.  But, it’s not generating.  I took my salt cell to PaP who put it on their tester which showed the salt cell is good.  I don’t know what else to do.

When pressing the diagnostics button, I get this for each push:

3800, 087, 28.5, -00.00, 72P, -0000, AL-0, r016, H-15, E000, --EE

Any suggestions on what to look for next would be great.

Hi Steve, what size is the salt cell?  You may need to tell the system what size salt cell you have and/or recalibrate it since the board is brand new.  That might get you going.  Check out this guide for how to set your cell size and how to calibrate the salt level if necessary.  Here is a link for the Diagnostics manual in case you need it.

It’s a T-15 and it appears from the diagnostic info that the board is already set properly (see original note about display output for the diagnostic button - 9th item.)

What concerns me is the third push (item 4 in the list) is supposed to be “cell current”, but it’s showing 0 amps, which should be between 3.1 and 8 amps.

Thank you for the information - and I’ll apologize in advance for all my questions!

How quickly are you checking it after it turns on?  These can take 30 seconds (or longer) to power up after their self-test.  Does it display amps/volts if you turn it to “Super Chlorinate”?

Did any of the wires (or connections) seem loose when you reconnected everything, and what board did you use to replace the OEM one(s)?  I know our replacement boards only work on the T15 and T9 cells and are not recommended if you have an automation system (is it hooked up to an automation system?).

Last question:  With the pump running, turn the SwimPure off - wait for at least 15 seconds - and turn it back on.  Watch the indicator lights for a minute.  Does the “Generating” light ever turn on (even for a quick monent)?

The main board was purchased from you guys (PL7100).  The display board and rectifiers were purchased from Amazon.  The transformer was purchased from a pool parts outfit in CA.  Yeah, I’ve basically replaced everything at this point.  Except…

After going out to check the things you suggested and none of it producing results, I thought, “the only thing I haven’t checked is the flow sensor, but that can’t be it because I just replaced that about two weeks before all this happened.”  So, just for giggles, I unplugged to flow sensor and plugged in my bypass… and now it’s generating and the amps show what’s expected.  I guess I’m buying yet another flow switch.

Those flow switches can be problematic.  I’m glad you found out the issue and your chlorine generator is back up and running!