Hayward sp2610x15a white smoke coming from the lectrical


I have an Hayward Superpump SP2610X15. Tried to start the pool recently and the breaker tripped off and I noticed a light white smoke coming from the end of the pump where the electrical wiring is.

I removed the cover and I founf out that the governor was loose inside causing a short circuit. Great!

The governor appears to have bridge both pins of the terminal board. Since this is all metal and plastic, I believe that I can used it again. Unless you advise otherwise.

As for the white smoke, I believe that it came from the capacitor. I tried testing with a multimeter but since it doesn’t measure uF, I used the ohm measure and see if the capacitor is charging from the meter battery. I don’t think it does.

My plan was to order a new capacitor and try to start the pump again.

Then I saw that thing called the thermal overload switch. Again, it’s made of metal and plastic and it is not burned. I am not sure if it is working though.

I originally plan to order a capacitor only and see how it goes.
I live in Canada and buying the 3 items plus the shipping, the currency rate, I should buy a used pumps. lol
But only the capacitor could be a solution.

What do you guys think?

Thank you