Hayward Salt Cell showing wrong reading

I have Hayward Turbo Cell T3.

Salt cell was showing 2600 and i left it like that for few days. I got some solt but also tested the wather in Pinch a penny. Their results came at 3200.

Few days after this the indicator was showing me that i have 300 units of salt. Check sell and salt indicators are on.

I tested for 2nd time and my salt level is at 3200 which is in the rage but i cannot recalibrate the system to show 3200.

I did the procedure to recalibrate but it just wont go up it stays on 200.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you for contacting Inyo. The salt cells usually last 3-5 years. They start to send incorrect salt readings when they start to go bad. If it’s not the cell, it could be the main board.

You can rule out the board by checking the amperage in both polarities. To do this press the diagnostics button 3 times. This should bring up the amperage. Write that number down. To switch the polarity, move the main switch from Auto to Off and back to Auto. That will give you the amperage in the second polarity. If either one of those readings is 0, the board needs to be replaced.

If you get an amperage reading on both polarities, it is more than likely a bad cell.