Hayward Pro Logic PS-8 (cord hanging from the bottom of it stopped working)

Good morning. Hope someone can help with my issue. I have the Hayward Pro Logic Base System control unit for my PS-8. Connected to the base is the AQL Sense & Dispense and the Hayward AQL-CHEM3 Tank & Pump. The Pro Logic seems to be all working correctly EXCEPT all of a sudden the Acid Tank was not working. On the Pro Logic PS-8 there is a cord that hangs down that I plug my Acid Tank into. I unplugged the Acid tank and plugged it into an extension cord and the tank is running perfectly. With a tester I checked the cord coming out of the Pro Logic and it had no power. What would cause that one cord to not work and can it be fixed?

I like to start out on the cheap repairs before breaking my wallet open. Are there any error codes showing and is the Pro Logic indicating that the Sense and Dispense is “on”? I would start by checking the power cord connection inside the Pro Logic to be sure it is still connected. The relay could also be bad.

The Hayward Troubleshooting guide isn’t terribly helpful on this issue.

Let us know what you find out!