Hayward Power-flo LX SP1515Z1BC

Hello! I have a Hayward Power-flo LX SP1515Z1BC

I’m losing pressure at the jet and suction at the skimmer. If I backwash the pressure comes back great for a couple of hours and then it dwindles down to nothing until I backwash again.I’m back washing 3 + times a day just to keep the water .We changed the sand in the Hayward filter last week and still keep losing pressure at the jet and skimmer suction also goes down when jet pressure goes down…? Then I switch to backwash for about 45 seconds and pressure/suction returns to normal for 1-2 hours… Then within an hour or so. the pressure is gone again…


If the water is cloudy or green, the filter could be filling up quickly. This would cause the jets to weaken within an hour.