Hayward h150fd

hi, I have a Hayward h150fd pool heater that won’t stay on setting. When pressing mode button to go to either pool or spa it jumps back to standby immediately. There is no error code   Just changed the keypad computer board thinking that might be the problem but wasn’t!!!. Still does the same thing. Any ideas??

Also, on the rare occasion it will stay on pool or spa setting it doesn’t fire up. Again, no error codes.

We contacted Hayward tech support. Below was their response.

I would first recommend power cycling the heater by shutting off the breaker and leaving it off for 2 minutes. If this does not correct the issue, it points to a defect in the bezel keypad. They will need to contact a Hayward Authorized Service Center for warranty replacement. Here’s a link to the dealer locator. Replace the bezel keypad if it’s a non-warranty situation.   https://www.hayward-pool.com/shop/en/pools/Dealer-Locator?langId=-1

Thanks so much!!   While waiting for the keypad to arrive it mysteriously started working again so I’ll just save the keypad for the future

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Thank you for the update. Good luck!