Halogen to LED pool light conversion

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late last year our old incandescent light quit working. Changed the halogen bulb which lasted a couple of days before it burned out. On closer inspection water was trickling in to the fixture. Pool details are it’s an 18’x36’ inground with vinyl liner, approx 25 years old and I did not install. The niche size is approx 6” diameter, 5.5” deep, and I’m guessing it’s the Sta-Rite brand. It currently has a Sun-Lite brand halogen light and if I can make out the model number it’s 05607-2030. Looking to go LED and seeing what is recommended for this niche?  Oh and it’s 120V, but could be converted to 12V easily if that makes a difference. Thank you!

Hello Steve - Unfortunately, none of the LED lights that are a similar size to your light, would produce enough light for the entire pool. The lights that size are ideal for spas. Your best bet would be to get another halogen light fixture.

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That’s what I was wondering I see the spa lights will fit but didn’t know on the lumens output for a pool. When we replace the liner in the near future, would replacing the niche to larger be possible?  I’m thinking I would have to saw cut the cement to a larger hole.

Replacing the niche when you replace the liner would be the best option.

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