Grid filter cleaning and backwash problems

I thank you for any advice you can provide for my multi-faceted problems. I have a Titan vertical grid filter, DE, 60sqft. I’m trying to clean my green pool, but the filter pressure is 10+psi over the starting point and it’s making sputtering noises and leaking water. I would ideally backwash the filter, but the pin that I would use to turn the backwash valve snapped off long ago. I think part of the pin may be stuck inside the turn stem. I’ve tried using locking pliers to turn the stem without the pin, but the stem only strips without turning. I tried hammering out the pin stub that’s stuck inside the stem, but that’s failing too. I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the entire valve that houses the turn stem to properly fix this issue. My workaround to the inability to backwash has been to open, remove, and clean the grid panels. But now I’m unable to unscrew the metal band that binds the grid filter top & base together. I’m not sure if I can find a replacement band. If I can, I would still need to filter out how to break off the band that’s now stuck in place. Meanwhile, the pool gets greener. Suggestions? Thanks!

You should be able to repair the valve; we would need to know what model it is, but we have parts like the pin and the lever for most valves.  Let us know what the model number of your valve is (attach pictures if the model number has eroded away over the years) and we would be happy to help you get it working again.

Our Pool Pals Matt and Rob will guide you through the SLAM (Shock Level and Maintain) method of cleaning up your green pool.  (hint:  all you really need is chlorine!)