Green pool


Background: I just moved into a home with an in-ground pool that hasn’t been operational since the summer of 2017. I have never owned a pool, but I am attempting to get it to where we can swim. When I first began attempting to get it corrected, there were massive tadpoles and frogs living in the pool. It honestly resemebled a swamp.

I have already replaced the pump and now the filter and pump are functional. However, the water remains green with a slight tint of blue. I have the levels balanced currently; however, it is still green.

When I do vaccum, it stirs up the bottom of the pool and again turns to an ugly color until it settles again.

Any tips to getting the water a healthy looking color? My children are desperate and so is my wife to swim in this pool.

To be honest, having this pool operational to beat the heat and to escape the boredom from the covid-19 town lockdown would be much appreciated.

Update: I am currently starting the SLAM method. There is a slight change to the color. I vaccumed to waste and got as much as I could for about 30 minutes to an hour. I then set it back on filter. However, after an hour or so, I noticed there wasnt much water going into skimmer. I checked basket of skimmer and there was no debris. My Heyward pump has another filter basket and that was FULL of decaying pinestraw and leaves so I’m assuming I dislodged whatever debris was clogging the filter at the bottom of my pool.

Hello and congratulations! I’m assuming since you mentioned SLAM, you have found the amazing trouble free pool community. Follow their steps (as I have for 4 years) and you will be a pro in no time. What are you testing with? Are you chlorinating with liquid chlorine or a SWCG? A full run down of test results will be helpful, but at the very basic right now, you need to know your CYA and FC levels to clear up your algea problem. Worry about everything else AFTER you have passed SLAM (OCLT test, clear water). So in a nutshell: Test your CYA. Use this number to establish your SLAM chlorine level. Use TFP’s pool math calculator to find out how much bleach to add to get you to that SLAM level. Run your filter full speed the ENTIRE TIME until SLAM is done (could be days). Keep an eye on your filter pressure and backwash when you get 20-25% above your clean running pressure. You will have to backwash or clean your cartridge many times per day in the beginning, so probably keep a hose close to refill the water level. Brush every surface of your pool. I find seams and skimmer crevices hold onto algea, so really pay attention to the skimmers and fittings. Retest your FC every hour and add more bleach each time to get back to your slam level. Keep going like this UNTIL you don’t lose more than 1ppm FC overnight, your CC is 0-0.5, and your water is clear. Then let your FC level slowly and naturally fall back to your target range and keep it there. Once your FC level is below 10, you can go ahead and test and balance all of your other values (pH, TA, CH,CYA) definitely get your CYA dissolving quickly as it takes up to a week for it to dissolve and show up correctly on your test. So, 1.Test 2.Bleach 3.Brush repeat!!! Never ever turn off your pump/filter during this process. Never ever let your FC level fall below your SLAM level. You will likely need tons of bleach. I recommend going to Lowe’s or Home Depot and getting their 10% bottles. I’d say buy 20 gallons, maybe more. You can always return what you don’t end up using, but I always keep at least 6 gallons in my garage for pool emergencies. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions! I know how overwhelming this all is in the beginning.

Thanks for the reply first off, secondly I am using a combination of test strips and some liquid test kit that tests alkalinity, acid, ph, bromine, and chlorine. I plan on getting a more advanced test kit but in the mean time those will have to do haha.

I am chlorinating with liquid chlorine and am vaccuming daily. There is a much notable difference but unfortunately it has not cleared up yet. I’m passing the OCLT with flying colors I’d say and i put at least one to three gallons a day depending on how often the levels drop. I’ve added a few bottles of the stabilizer but its still saying I have no stabilizer (I see you said it takes a while for it to properly register). I do have a SWCG but everywhere I have read says get your pool clear and chemicals balanced before adding salt.

Once again I appreciate the reply and hope that this pool will clear up sometime soon.