Getting ready to buy a used pool...Should I?

I’m looking at buying a used 52" 15’x30’ oval pool.  It’s an “Atrium” pool by Aquasphere.  It is currently set up although it has a ripped liner.  It was purchased in 2006.  The owner says it has no signs of rust (I haven’t seen it yet).  It has a sand filter and a two year old 1.5HP pump.  This is the exact type of pool we’ve been looking for but I’m somewhat wary of buying a 13 year old pool from a company that appears to be somewhat defunct?

Looking at Inyopools, it appears I can get liners and replacement pieces if necessary.  But my question is, should I buy this used pool for $1000 or should I keep looking?  Or should I just buy new?!

I definitely intend to install a salt system on whatever pool we end up with.  Any and all help is appreciated!!!

The parts for the 15’x30’ are still currently available. For how much longer, we aren’t sure. The manufacturer of that pool is known to stop producing parts. I’d be leery of buying an above ground pool that is 13 years old.

If you do buy the pool, make sure you count all of the pieces. Here is a link to the parts breakdown.

Thanks Rob. I did review that video and intend to use the tips when I go and view it. The biggest thing that wasn’t addressed though was age. I agree with being leery. Is there anything that’s not outwardly obvious that occurs with an older pool? @$1k with a new pump is it worth the gamble? (I won’t hold you to it, lol)

I would check the pool wall for rust. Specifically, by the skimmer, return jet, along the bottom, and where the pool wall bolts together. $1,000 is not a bad deal since it includes the pump/filter and it’s a resin pool.