Fixing above ground pool

I am putting back into operation an above ground lap pool. 
I ordered a Pureline Pure Pro XL (PL1532 - 1.5hp) and the  inlet and outlet pipe threads are different than the existing pump. 
what 1 1/2" PVC pipe fitting do I need to order to install the new pump?

Also, I want to convert the pool for salt water chlorinator.  What equipment do I need and how much salt should I initially add?

The pool holds about 16,000 gallons.

Hi John,

Could you post a few photos of your plumbing and any of the areas you are having trouble with? Maybe a close-up shot as well as a wide shot showing your complete pump and filter setup. We will wait for the photos and then we should be able to make the appropriate suggestions.

Do these photos help?

Hi JohnCulver,

Thanks for the photos! You will require 2 of these PL1643 PureLine Unions