Fiber Optic Light

I have an old Hayward Super Vision pool light Model # SV150TM4H serial # 002617. It is a fiber optic light that hasn’t worked in years! It is 120V fixture. Do know of a way to retrofit this fixture into a new LED style light.

Hello John - You can pull the old fiber optic cable and install new LED lights into those existing fixtures. I’d recommend something like the SR Smith Kelo lights. They offer the Kelo light with 80’ or 150’ of cord. The part numbers are KLED-C-80 and KLED-C-150. These lights are 7 watts each and they run on 12v.

SR Smith has a control box/transformer for these lights. You can supply your 120v to this box and then it will drop the power down to 12v. The control box is called the poolLUX. There are a couple of options. The box without a remote control is part number  pLX-PW60. The option with a remote is part number pLX-PL60.

Both of those boxes can handle up to 8 Kilo lights.

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what would be the brightest light you could recomment that would work since this is the only light in the pool! Just looking for options!


The brightest LED light, that will fit your fiber optic lens housing, is the Pentair Microbrite. Listed below are the different options.

Pentair Microbrite - LED Color Light 50’ Cord

Pentair Microbrite - LED Color Light 100’ Cord

Pentair Microbrite - LED Color Light 150’ Cord

To be honest, one LED probably won’t be enough to light up the entire pool. It’s going to be a little dim on the opposite side.

Thank You for the info any light will be better than no light! Will this light require any onther controls than just the 12V power? If i Buy the light and a 12V transformer connected to a switch is that all i will need?

You’re welcome. All you’ll need is the light, a 12v transformer, and a switch.

Sorry to keep asking questions but under the Pentair Microbrite light it states " Connects to any Pentair automation system and the Pentair IntelliBrite® Controller"! Does the controller have the 12V transformer included in it?? Is it needed? Would just a switch and 12V transformer work just fine? Does the controller allow the lights to change colors?? Just want to have me bases covered when I get asked!

Thanks again

The controller does not have a transformer. You’d have to add an external transformer. A switch and a transformer would be sufficient.

The controller allows you to switch directly to a specific color or light show. You can still do this with a light switch but you have to toggle the light switch until you get to the desired color or light show.

I sent your info to my froend and they were wondering if there was a cheeper option maybe just a white light?? I told her pool lights are just expensive, but i would ask if there was a cheaper alternative!!

Thanks for all your help


We have a white LED light for $229.99. The part number is FPAL-WHT.