Equipment configuration

I have limited resources/help in my area for setting up a new pool - so may be installing DIY.  I am installing an indoor above ground pool (Splash super pool).  Pool size is 21 feet x 41.5 feet, 4 foot depth for the entire pool.  I will have two sand filters, two skimmers and two returns on diagonallly opposite corners of the pool.  I want to install salt chlorination and a heat pump for water heating.

My goal is to locate all equipment in a separate area away from the pool to reduce noise and clutter.

My question (s):  can you provide an equipment diagram for two pumps/filters, salt chlorination and heat pump?

Can the sand filters be plumbed in sequence?  What would that configuration look like?

If I cant plumb filters in sequence:  do I require two salt cholination cells (on for each pump)?  Can the heater system be connected to one pump filter and be effective?

Hi Bruce,

Normally for a pool of your size, there is not a need for two pumps, two filters, and two salt chlorine generators, I think this would be overkill. I would suggest going with the PL2602 PureLine Prime 1.5 HP Pump along with a Hayward S310T2 Sand Filter and a Crystal Pure 40,000 Gallon Salt System. A heat pump is not designed for indoor use as a heat pump draws in the outside air and uses the outside air to heat the water. The problem is that when the heat pump is heating it outputs cold air through the top of the unit which will make the air in the room cold resulting in the air that it is pulling in to be cold and inefficiently heating the water. If you wanted to go with a heat pump you would need to place the heat pump outside. If you go with a gas heater you can put the heater inside but you will need to vent the exhaust of the heater outside.

Below is a basic plumbing diagram for your pool, most likely you will not have a main drain and possibly only 1 skimmer so this would change the valves on the front side of the pump.