drawing hayward pool pump diagram, understand overload protector

This is the diagram i did with the diagram i do find on this very good web site inyopools.

And i do need help to understand if all the wire on the overload protector its energized. pic bellow

So, I do need help guys.

Below its the pic of the diagram I made with the diagram i do find on this very good website.

My question is about the overload protector.

When the power come from the L1 throrough the blue wire to the overload protector, I know the yellow wire its also energizaded and my question is the wire white black stripe is also energizaded, rigth??? So, that how the parallel circuit 115 volts is made?? Just use the jump to make 115 volts or 230 volts, rigth? So, if im right, the yellow wire and the wire white black stripe is also energizado all time from the the L1 throrough blue wire on the overload protecot, whatever if is 115 volts or 230 volts connected to supply power on the pump, they are always energized. depending on the connection 115 or 230 volts, we have just to move the jump to 115 or 230 volts.

Hello mustangbr- Thank you for all of the pictures. It seems like you have made some extensive drawings, but I am far from an electrician to be able to understand everything you drew. I will do my best. I believe the question you have is if your connection is either 115v or 230v, do you need to move the jumper accordingly? The short answer is yes. The jumper should have an arrow indicating if it is connected 115v or 230v. If you are wired connection is from a breaker box, you should be 230v and connect the jumper accordingly. If your wired connection is with a 3-prong plug to an outlet, you are connected 115v and connect the jumper accordingly. I hope this answers your question, but if not, please let me know. Also if you need more technical advice about the wiring, I would gladly recommend you contact Century/A.O. Smith at 1-866-887-5216. Thank you!

Thanks Smith. yeah its take to long to draw, but its help a lot to undestand, how the 115 volts parallel and how 230 volts serie circuit work on this pump…but  I think I wrote many things and I am in doubt just to overload protector. I just  want to know its, when the overload protector its energized all the wires on the overload protector is energized? the overload in the pics has 3 wires blue, yellow and white w/ black striper, the blue one  bring power from L1 and energise overload protector, and i know yellow its energized to send power to the switch and capacitor but im not sure if the white w/ black striper on the overload protector is energized? That is my only doubt about the wires on the overload? any ways thanks.

Rest assured that as long as you have your motor wired properly, either 115v or 230v, the rest of your systems within the motor will be wired correctly. Thank you for the question!

Hi… overload protectors are meant to shut the system down if it is overloaded for 10 minutes but not for 10 seconds. It will not trip out from a typical “transient spike” produced when the utilities breakers or reclosers open or close to protect their system and cause the outage and then when they re-energize.

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