DE back in the pool after pressure loss


I am recently took apart my DE filter and cleaned off the grids. But When I put them back toggether, the filter ran just fine. After the filter was running for a couple hours, I realized I forgot to clear the pump basket. I cleared the basket then put it back together and turned on the pool. Once I did I realized that there was white powder in my pump, then shooting out into my pool. Once the filter is running there is no DE, only when the “seal” is broken or the system loses pressure. I was thinking Iput the filter back together incorrectly or the manifold is warped. The grids are fairly new (1 - 2yrs old). Also if it were the grids, wouldn’t I see DE coming out out the filter while the pool is running and not just went i open the pump basket?

Any information would be appreciated and happy to be a part of into pools!