Converting Hayward Super II Pumps to Variable Speed

Please inform which part numbers to order for this conversion, wish to switch my 3 pumps to variable speed pumps. Want to switch motors only, do not wish to switch out complete assembly, i.e basket and plumbing connections

Inform if good idea to switch out impellers same time and correct part #

Existing 3 Hayward Super II pumps. Model # SP3020EEAZ

The replacement variable speed motor would be model ECM27CU. Click Here to View More Details on the ECM27CU Variable Speed Motor

The impellers do not normally need to be replaced. However, the correct impeller replacement is part number 5110-10N.

The tune-up kit is part number GOKIT2. That includes all the necessary seals and gaskets for the Super II Pump. Use GOKIT2SALT if you have salt water.