Which bearing(s) do I need for an AO Smith motor Cat # B2979, Part # 7-F56AA72A01-05 and do I need other parts for installing them?

We’d be glad to assist you. The B2979 motor would require one 203 bearing and one 304 bearing.

We recommend replacing the shaft seal when you replace the motor bearings. What is the make and model of the pump side?

You have a Hayward Super II. The shaft seal is part number 5110-11. Use part number 5250-235 if you have salt water or want a heavy duty seal.

Pump Side Model #: Hayward SP3015X20 or Hayward SP3015X20AZ (SP-1615-Z-2-M)

I don’t know for sure, since the plate is very much deteriorated since first installed in1992.

Hayward Superpump II