Communication Issue Between TriStar VS900 Pump and OmniLogic

We have recently upgraded from an AquaRite pool control system to the more robust OmniLogic. For the most part, things have gone smoothly. The only real problem we are having is that the Omnilogic doesn’t seem to want to communicate with the pump. The pump model is a Hayward TriStar SP32900VSP. When going through OmniLogic’s config menu, it does not recognize any Hayward Unique Addresses (HUA).

We are using a single pump for both the spa and the pool, with a 3-way valve.

We’re not sure if the problem is wiring or the dip switch configuration. We believe the wiring is correct, and that the installation guide says to turn off all the dip switches, but the problem is is that if dip switch 1 is off, the pump won’t turn on either from the onboard control panel or the OmniLogic.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Problem Solved.

Interested in converting to 1 heater & 1 pump to run both pool & spa. I currently have them separated but want to combine for efficiency & cost savings.

Are you having success with this set up?

thank u for any helpful info as there doesn’t seem to be a lot on this set up…

Shellie, how did you solve the problem?