Century pump motor doesn't start

Hi, I replaced my pump motor in July and it worked great but yesterday, after leaving it off for a few days of intermittent and sometimes heavy rain, it didn’t show any sign of activity or life. There was no noticeable sound or movement. My no-contact voltage sensor indicated that power was being supplied. When I removed the back cover the spade connectors looked just as I’d left them. I do observe some gritty residue on (what I believe to be) the motor windings. Also, I believe the motor’s electrical circuit to be 120V (although I don’t know) and the motor seems to be set to high voltage- perhaps that’s to be expected? I’ve enclosed photos of the windings, the voltage selector and the breaker on the pump’s circuit.

Thank you for contacting Inyo. Are you able to spin the shaft manually or is it seized up?

Yes it can be spun with the impeller attached to provide leverage, although the impeller did have some debris in it, including a small stone.

If the shaft is spinning and the proper voltage is getting to the motor, the motor may need to be replaced. The motors have a one year warranty. If you bought it from us, contact our customer support at 407-834-2200.

Thanks, but I’m afraid I didn’t.  I’m working with the seller now but it’s… not going great.  Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome. Good luck!