Century A.O B2983 bearings

What size of bearings and gasket kit  do I get for the B2983 2 speed motor. My motor makes a loud noise. I opened up the motor to see is there was debris, but it’s all clear and the front side of the motor is covered with corrosion  So I am guessing that the bearing went bad? I bought it like 2 years ago.

The bearings are likely the issue. Your B2983 would require two 203 bearings.

If you know the make and model of the pump side, we can recommend the correct seals.

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So it doesn’t use two. Different bearing sizes? Are both bearings the same 203?

The pump side part number  is 011522

It says pmp wfds-6230 1 1/2 hp

Serial number 03262920805226

Both bearings in your motor are the same size (203).

You have a Whisperflo pump model. The seal kit is GOKIT32. If you have a salt water pool, use GOKIT32SALT.

Not salt water. No wonder it started leaking. I used a different gasket for the plate. I got the almond color one not the black one  Thank you. I will have to get the kit and the bearings.

You’re welcome. Good luck!

Is there a video how to change the bearings and gasket

Thank you

You’re welcome