Centurion Pump Cycling

Hi, I’d welcome some advice on a 2HP centurion motor that keeps cycling off.   The motor is a 230v 1081 2HP motor with a serial number 26818CH.   I’ve had the motor installed for less than a year, the motor shaft rotates freely, and there’s no blockage in the pump housing.  The pump fills well and I’d say everything is fine except for the fact it cycles off and then restarts after a few minutes.  Oddly the cycling appears to be a bigger issue in the winter, (located in Dallas so no extreme weather).  Here are my questions and if anyone has any thoughts I’d welcome the feedback:

  1. The wiring diagram on the motor has line to L1,  and both line and ‘white’ (assuming they mean neutral) to L2.  Seems odd to have neutral and line to the same terminal so would the community agree with that wiring?

  2. I disconnected the electrical supply from the motor and tested each of the 3 wires, (black, red, white), and the line voltages are 122.4v (black), 122.7v (red), and zero for white.  With black on L2 and red on L1 that’s 245.1v on a pump rating 230v and I’m wondering whether this is causing the motor to cycle off. 245v is within 10% but maybe 245v is just too high.

I’d appreciate an suggestions.