Cartridge Filter Choice for 20k gallon pool

I’m redoing the whole filtering and pump install on my 20k gallon unground pool+spa. Going with variable speed pump and swapping old DE filter NFS48 to a cartridge one.

Since I’m going with Jandy equipment now my installer suggested CL 460 filter as a replacement. I was thinking if CS 250 would make a scene in this setup?

Jandy dows not share pricing on components but he quoted $1.5k for the filter and it’s insta alone. Is that the fair price? I see cartridge filters are half of the price online. Also he says CS 250 is not considerable cheaper. Maybe saving $250 for way less capable filter.

Does that make sense? I’m puzzled.

My opinion is that Jandy is overpriced and not as durable as some other brands. I’d recommend the Pentair Clean and Clear 200. The model number is 160318.

If you want a larger quad cartridge system, we’d recommend the Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 420. The model number is 160301.

The benefit to a quad cartridge system is that it can hold more debris and rarely has to be opened and cleaned.

Well even if we assume super overpriced jandy for $1k the $500 setup of the filter alone looks like a lot to me. The piping and all the valves are priced separately.

I find opening and cleaning a single filter in jandy a bit easier. 4 cartridge systems have more parts. It does hold less debris but filter replacement is twice as cheap.

I think my question is if 460 sq.ft is an overkill for 20 gallons or is this common to use this setup.

It’s a little overkill for 20k gallons. I went with a 200 sq ft single cartridge on my 10k pool and I don’t have any regrets. It takes less than 10 minutes to clean it off and reinstall it.