Can this pool b saved

Have inground gunite pool,45000 gallons. Cracks in pool floor and losing water. Pool company rigged pump to filter so pool can be used.Unable to use skimmers as water doesn’t reach them.
We don’t want to fill in the pool but we might have to at this point. We had pool opened for this year and pool company was able to get water blue. Now water has turned green and we can’t get chlorine levels up to 1 ppm besides ph,etc. We were told that there is now too much copper in water due to over shocking. We give up. Can this pool be saved, at least for this year? We would appreciate any help that you could give.

Thank you

Good afternoon. Something like this may be very difficult but is possible. You will need to reduce the metals using a metal treatment which you can use Metal-free. You can view that by clicking here. Also, you will always need to monitor your Cyanuric Acid level. It is also called a Stabilizer or Conditioner. You may want to consider upgrading your filter to a D.E filter as you will definitely need the best filtration possible. If you can manage those three things, keep as much large debris out of the pool, while brushing the dirt into the main drain and become skilled with that brushing, yes you can save the pool. This of course is after getting the pool clear. Below I will provide a guide that may assist with that as well.