Can Jandy SHPF1.5-2 be fixed or must it be replaced

We’ve had our pool and equipment for less than 5 years. Our Jandy SHPF1.5-2 pump is having issues where it won’t work a fair amount of the time. I can sometimes get it going by first starting the low power pump and then switching to the higher horsepower. Sometimes I can’t get it to cooperate at all. I wouldn’t have expected issues with the pool equipment in under 5 years (what are these typically warranted for?). Can these pumps be fixed? Or should they just be replaced? Must I replace the entire unit or just the pump part?

Let me know.



Hello John - You may have a bad capacitor on the motor. Check out our article titled “How to Test a Pool Pump Motor Capacitor”.

You can keep the pump in place and replace the motor if the capacitor is not the issue. The replacement motor would be part number B2983.

The pumps are typically warrantied for one year.

Hi InyoRob,

Wow…that’s great! Does my pump have one or two capacitors (a run capacitor and a start capacitor)? Do you have the part numbers for these? From the “How To Replace a Poop Pump Capacitor” information on your site…it says my pump’s problem could be either a capacitor or a frozen motor. It’s certainly not a frozen motor as I can sometimes coax it to work. I can test the capacitors…but should I maybe just replace them as a starting point? And if that doesn’t work then replace the motor as you stated above? I’m pretty handy…but should non-pool people be doing this kind of work?


Your pump motor does have two capacitors. I would agree that replacing them is a good starting point. The start capacitor is part number 5270-29A. The run capacitor is part number 19566225.

And I can order these through Inyo? I’ll poke around. I can’t thank you enough for your help!

Yes, you can click on the blue part number links above and that will take you directly to the capacitors on the Inyo site.

I ordered both capacitors! Probably only needed the start capacitor though since the pump runs once I can get it started. Do the capacitors come with install instructions? I saw a video on your site for replacing the start capacitor…but not the run capacitor.


Thank you for shopping with Inyo! The capacitors do not come with directions. I always recommend taking a picture of how the wires are currently connected and then match that with the replacements.

I got the first of the two capacitors that I ordered…the start capacitor. I went to install it yesterday and I noticed it’s a bit smaller than the old one so I wanted to make sure I have the right one. The part number is supposed to be PTMJ189 but on the part itself it says PMJ189. Also, in the link to this start capacitor earlier in this thread I looked at the picture and it shows the following specs:

220-250VAC 60/50HZ 189-227MFD

On the part I was shipped it has the following:

110-125VAC 60/50HZ  189-227MFD

The VAC numbers are very different and the model number is different too…so I’m just making sure!

For installation, I assume the start capacitor is mounted on top of the motor and that I just have to remove it’s enclusure for the installation. It’s quick to get to the capacitor. And the running capacitor is inside the motor? The connections on the old start capacitor are a bit different different than the new one. There are no plus/minus indicators on the part to know exactly how the wires should be attached. I’m guessing that’s because it doesn’t matter which wire goes to which lead? Just making sure.

Let me know if I have the correct part. Just making doubly sure!



The part number on the Century Motor is 7-193990-07 for additional consideration.


It looks like you received the correct start capacitor. The correct one for your motor is 110-125VAC 189-227MFD. The start capacitor is at the back of the motor and the run capacitor is on top.

OK…so I was comparing the start capacitor I received to the run capacitor! Glad I asked before installing it! I have seen a video for replacing the run capacitor. Now I have to find one for replacing the start capacitor. Do you have a link for that? Thanks for the quick response!


Check out our guide titled “How to Replace a Pool Pump Capacitor”. The example in the guide is a start capacitor.