building swimming pool

Hey all, I have been thinking about building a swimming pool in my backyard as I recently had advice from my doctor that I required much more exercise and movement and swimming would be the best thing to do. I thought of myself that instead of going for a run or workout this would be better. Building this pool would not only be beneficial for me but for my wife and kids as well. I have certain ideas on how the pool has to be but I doubt if there are any restrictions regarding building such pools in homes. Has anyone built such pools before? Could someone help and advise me on this?

My cousin recently built a miniaturized pool for his kids. He hired a professional to get the work done in time. There are many things to look out for when building a swimming pool. Make sure you have decided on the size, type and shape of the pool that you need. Make sure that you are not breaking any laws as there may be certain legal regulations that may persist but which varies according to the cities or states. Decide on the budget as building a pool will be expensive. Be careful with the safety measures that are to be taken.

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Thank you for your advice. I have looked into the safety measure that is to be taken care of. I have made sure that I will not be breaking any laws as I have consulted the needed authorities. My husband and I searched online and came across a couple of websites out of which one of the websites had the option to custom build and design swimming pools.