Blue Essence-20

The system shows Inspect Cell and Check Salt and will not allow a recalibration.

Leslie Pool chemical analysis shows salt to be at 2650.  System shows 77P.

Because Hayward doesn’t list a manual for this model I was using the Aqua-Rite manual to attempt calibrating my system.  (Switch off then on and wait for click).  The system does not count down as shown in many videos.

If my motherboard is bad, I’d like to know how I can check it before I order a new one.  The system was installed 3 years ago in March.

I’m having a similar issue. My salt test results are in the 3000 range, but the display shows 2200 at most. Tried a recalibration and it only goes up to 2400 before slowly counting down. It never stabilizes. New PCB board and cell as of July/2019. Is this a bad cell?