Bearings consistently going bad? Hayward Century 2 HP pump with Nature 2 system

Hello, I created an account specifically for this post. I am running into a consistent issue with Hayward pool pumps. I bought my pool in 2017 with no problems at all. When winter comes, my wife and I take apart our filtration system, clean it out, and store it away. In 2018 we again had no issue at all with the start up and performance of our pool equipment the entire summer, and stored it away for the winter like we did the year prior. In the summer of 2019, we set up our filtration and pump only to hear a god awful noise coming from the motor. I did hours of research and I kept getting drawn back to bad bearing as the sympton. I wonder how this happen to a 2 year old motor? I complain to the pool store and they replace the pump under warranty. I figure it is a one off problem and the pump works fantastic over the entire summer. I store the pump indoors yet again last winter as I usually do, and yet again this year my brand new one year old pump makes the same god awful bearing noise as it did the year prior. This time, I unplug it and take the cover off to feel inside the motor and I can feel the bearing cover is corroded. My pool store claims my electric connection is causing the bearing to burn out, but I am finding that the bearings are corroding while they sit over winter. Also, I work for an electrical company and know my wiring is UL compliant with this pool pump and there is nothing indicating an electrical fault. The pool store offered to sell me a new pump half off if I return mine. I can’t seem to find any forums talking about this. Has anyone else ran into this issue? I am at wits end with these pool pumps. They should last 5 to 10 years without any major issues or maintenance in my opinon. I emailed a complaint to Hayward and will be calling them to follow up. This seems to be quality control issue because a bearing exposed to the elements and designed for outdoor use should not be made of material that corrodes so easily. Please let me know what you all think. Much appreciated.

Update: I broke down and bought the new pool pump at half price ($140) from my pool store and I complained to Hayward directly and explained my entire situation. Funny enough Hayward replied to my complaint has offered to send me a new pump via UPS. I am happy Hayward responded and wish I would have waited to buy a new pump as now I will have two… But with how crappily made this particular model pump is I might as well take the new pump from Hayward for safe keeping considering the bearings rot to pieces within a few months of sitting.

This has been an ongoing issue for me over the last 5 years.  Seems like I can only get 2 seasons out of these motors if I am lucky.  I do not have the pump on a timer and it is never shut off.  I also leave it connected year round.   I have the Century ST 1152 and right at the end of last year, it started getting noisy.  This year, started the pump, ran about a week, then bearings froze and trashed the impeller. So, I just went to NAPA and got SKF bearings vs the economy brand.  Easy to change out, but I used a press to install vs beating them on like you see in the videos on You Tube.  Ordered a new impeller and installed a new seal.  Time will tell how long it lasts.