Atlantic Vision Pool

We recently bought a house that has a Altantic pool called the vision 24’x15’52”.  They previous homeowner did not have any manuals on the pool anymore. Would you be able to provide a manual because we would like to relocate the pool and want to be prepared if we need to order new parts for it.

We do not have a manual for an Atlantic Vision. However, the same pool could be sold under different names.

Could you send us the following images?

  • Outside Pool Wall (top to bottom)
  • Top Cap
  • Top Rail
  • Top Plate

If you have trouble posting the images to the forum, reply to the email notification with pictures. You can also email pictures to


I sent photos in a seperate email becasue I could not get them to attached to this


You have an Atlantic J1000 models. A lot of the parts for that pool have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

We don’t have a manual for that specific pool but we do have a general one for oval pools. Here is a link